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SFAI’s CURRENCY exhibition and Gala at the Old San Francisco Mint:IMG_6391

Best in show goes to Thalassa Dimitra Skandali and Tom Loughin’s installation in the basement vault’s hallway. (Skandali above, Loughlin’s sound piece with wool, below)IMG_6425

Other favorites include Francesca DuBrock’s video Untitled, 2013. The 30 minute video features Du Brock standing in front of the setting sun, flashing a Roberto Bolaño quote in morse code.  “We think our brain is a marble mausoleum, when in fact it’s a house made of cardboard boxes, a shack stranded between an empty field and an endless dusk.”IMG_6422

Tamra Seal’s installation:IMG_6387

Sarah Tell’s ceramic crowbars:IMG_6406

John Steck Jr.’s disappearing photography:IMG_6411